SVP has the largest collection of books on Adoption and Parenting in the country.


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Books for children (Adoption)

Book Name
Fill In The Blanks Fusan Gabel
My Indian Home Dagmar Dasgupta
Lucy’s Feet Stephanie Stein
Mr. Fairweather & His Family Margaret Korhitzer
Where The Sun Kisses The Sea Fusan Gabel
Tell Me Again About The Night I Was Born Jannie Lee Curtis
Adoption : Let’s Talk About It Fred Rogers
What’s Happening : Adoption Karen Bryant Mole
How Was I Adopted Joanne Cole
Real For Sure Sister Ann Angel
Count Your Way Through India Juin Haskins
Real For Sure Sister Ann Angel
Count Your Way Through India Juin Haskins
Real For Sure Sister Ann Angel
Count Your Way Through India Juin Haskins
Real For Sure Sister Ann Angel
Count Your Way Through India Juin Haskins
Adoption Is For Always Linda Walvoord Girad
Zachary’s New Home Geraldine Paul Blomquist
How It Feels To Be Adopted Jill Krementz
The Day We Met You Phoebe Koehler
Tell Me My Story Eva May
Don’t Tell Me About Goldilocks Eva May
Families Grow In Different Ways Barbara Parrish Beuson
A Koala For Katie Jonathan London
Coping With Being Adopted Shari Cohen
And Now, We’re A Family Judith. C. Meredith
Your Story I.A.P.A

Adoption For Parents

Book Name
Adopting A Child R.A.C. Hoksbergen
Facilitating Developmental Attachment Daniel A. Hughes
A Child’s Journey Through Placement Vera I. Fahlberg
Perspectives On A Grafted Tree Patricia Irwin Johnston
Buds And Blossoms
(Poems on Adoption)
Shobha Mane Phansikhar
Adoptive Kinship H. David Kirk
Looking Back, Looking Forward H. David Kirk
Shared Fate H. David Kirk
Adopting After Infertility Patricia Irwin Johnston
Adoptees On Their Way To Adulthood Hetty Geerars, R.A.C. Hoksbergen, Janneke Rooda
Real Parents, Real Children Holly Van Gulden, Lisa.H.Bartels Rabb
Adopting The Hurt Child Gregory C. Keek, Regina H. Kupecky
Troubled Transplants Richards Delaney, Frank R. Kustal
High Risk : Children Without A Consience Dr. Ken Magid, Carol M. Kelvey
Dear Birthmother, Thank You For Your Baby Kathleen Silber, Phylis Speedlin
Sweet Grapes : How To Stop Being Infertile And Start Living Again Jean W. Carter, Michael Carter
Adoption And Fostering Alison King
Adopting : A Second Chance Barbara Tizard
Adopting The Older Child Claudia L. Jewett
Working Together In 1990’s Conference in Australia on Adoption
Helping Children Cope With Seperation and Loss Claudia Jewett
Rewriting The Script Ron Holm
Making Sense Of Adoption Lois Ruskai Melina
Being Adopted : Lifelong Search For Self David Brodzwinsky et all
How To Raise An Adopted Child Judith Schaffer, Christina Lindstrom
A Guide To Adoption Deborah Fowler
When Friends Ask About Adoption Linda Bothum
How To Make Adoption An Afforbable Option N.E.F.E Publication
Ours By Choice Dr. Nilima Mehta
Adoption In India Dr. Vinita Bhargava
Child Adoption And Thereafter I.C.C.W. (T.N.) Publication
Thinking Of Adoption Mangala Godbole
Handbook On Child Adoption In India I.C.C.W. (T.N.) Publication
Revised Guidelines For Adoption Of Indian Children

Books On Parenting

Book Name
Questions Children Ask Dr. Miriam Stoppard
Parenting Young Children Don Dink Meyer
The Parent’s Handbook Don Dink Meyer
Helping Troubled Pupils Chris Kyriacou
Adolescents Of Single Parent Family Dr. S. Thenmozhi
Parents Are Teachers Too Claudia Jones
The Parent’s Problem Solver Karen Renshaw Joslin
What To Expect : The Toddler Years Arlene Eisenberg
The Discipline Book William Sears
Observing Developmental Of The Young Child Janice J. Beaty
Learning Outside The Lines Jonathan Mooney
Toilet Learning Alison Mack
Six Weeks To Better Parenting Caryl Waller Krueger
1001 Things To Do With Your Kids Caryl Waller Krueger
The Anxious Parent Michael Schwartzman
Parenting To Build Character In Your Teen Michael S. Josephson
Help Your Kids Get It Right At Home And School Donna M.Genett
Awaken The Genius In Your Child Shakuntala Devi
Teaching Your Children Responsibility Richard and Lynda Eyre
Teaching Your Baby Dr. Genevieve Painter
How To Talk So Kids Will Listen And Listen So Kids Will Talk Adele Faber, Elaine Mazlish
Siblings Without Rivalry Adele Faber, Elaine Mazlish
Dr. Spocks Baby and Child Care Dr. Benjamin Spock
Childhood And Society Erik Erikson
Parenting Veenal Nandagiri
What You Really Want For Your Children Dr. Wayne W. Dyer
Family Rules Kenneth Kayne
What Kids Want Their Parents To Know Tim Ladwig, Sen Gupta
Single Parenting
Childhood Revealed Harold S. Koplewicz
A Resource Guide For Elementary School Teaching Richard D. Hellough, Patricia L. Roberts
Emotional And Behavioral Problems Of Young Children Gretchen A. Gimpel
Growing Up Gifted Barbara Clark
Play Therapy Garry L. Landneth
Contemporary Influences In Early Childhood Education Ellis D. Evans
Raising Curious, Creative, Confident Kids Rebecca Wild
Character First Joseph W. Gauld
Listing Values And Activities For Children Ages 3-7 Diane Tillman
Listing Values And Activities For Children Ages 8-14 Diane Tillman
Living Values Parent Groups : A Facilitator Guide Diane Tillman
LVEP Educator Training Guide Diane Tillman
Creative Expression And Play In Early Childhood Joan Pacher Isenberg, Mary Renck Jalongo
Creative Development In The Child (Volume 1) Rukmini Ramchandran
Creative Development In The Child (Volume 2) Rukmini Ramchandran
School Counselling Dr. S. Thenmozhi
Spiritual Parenting Hugh & Gayle Prather
Play Dreams And Imitation In Childhood Jean Piaget
Play Therapy Virginia M. Axline
Common Sense Parenting Ray Burke, Ph.D. , Ron Herron and Bridget Barnes


  • Few books that are available for sale are:
    SuDatta-Bangalore’s booklet for Educators
    Vinita Bhargava’s Adoption in India
    Rene Hoksbergen’s Adopting a Child
    CSA’s Family for every child
    IAPA’s Your Story