Aspiring Parents

Aspiring Parents

SuDatta offers the following pre-adoption services:

  • Informal sharing: through mail (SuDatta Google Group)
  • Workshop on adoptive parenthood with an ADOPTION PREPARATION MANUAL (CLICK HERE = First Page) that is evolved and filled-in during the workshop by Aspiring Adoptive Couples

          In many countries attending 40hours of formal class-room sessions is mandatory for couples before the child joins the family.

          SVP conducts 20-hour Workshops and a request to make this mandatory in India is under consideration (at CARA)

          Please Click here and indicate your willingness to attend the next workshop. All required details shall be mailed to you

  • Counseling services by authorized and qualified Counselors (who are also adoptive parents)
  • Encouragement for legal adoption / Guidance to approved adoption agencies / Link to the nearest adoptive family for moral support
  • Adoption Registration: SVP and all the SuDatta Units do not get involved in the adoption-registration process or in locating children.

          For Adoption Registration Procedure please contact CARA (Central Adoption Resource Authority) or visit cara.nic.in

          Also please visit the website of Catalyst for Social Action (www.csa.org.in)

  • SuDatta Family Associate for being a part of SVP (and the respective SuDatta Unit) by making an online NEFT transfer (Associate fee is Rs1000 per member or couple) to SVP bank account. Wherever SuDatta Units have been established and whenever a SuDatta Unit is established, your fee along with all your details shall be transferred for ensuring local support

          Please Click here after making the payment and give details on your names, address, dates of birth, your motivation to adopt etc

          You shall be given an unique ID number and your mail ID shall be added to SVP’s Google Group for Parivar Associates



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