Adoptive Parents

Adoptive Parents

SuDatta offers the following PAS Post Adoption Services:

  • Informal sharing: through mail (SuDatta Google Group)
  • Learning: Facilitating interactive learning sessions for adoptive parents with in-house / external resource persons
  • Sharing: Arranging sharing-sessions where members just share their experiences in the presence / absence of experts
  • Events: Coordinating events such as annual picnics, annual sports-day, annual New Year Party etc
  • Adoption Awareness Month: Organizing SuDatta’s signature event every November, by inviting an adoption-expert of national / international repute

For Adoption Registration Procedure please contact CARA (Central Adoption Resource Authority) or visit cara.nic.in

Also please visit the website of Catalyst for Social Action (www.csa.org.in)

  • Network for Children: Providing opportunities to adopted children to form their network
  • Family Support: SVP and all SuDatta Units address concerns of individual families providing essentially intellectual / emotional / psychological support and much less of financial / legal / physical / religious / social support
  • SuDatta Family Member for being a part of SVP (and the respective SuDatta Unit) by making an online NEFT transfer (Family Member Fee is Rs1500 for anyone above 18yrs) to SVP bank account. Wherever SuDatta Units have been established and whenever a SuDatta Unit is established, your fee along with all your details shall be transferred for ensuring local support

Please Click here after making the payment and give details on your names, address, dates of birth etc.

You shall be given unique ID numbers and your mail IDs shall be added to SVP’s Google Group for Parivar Members



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