About Us

About Us


  • to enable formation of regional SuDatta Adoption Support Groups throughout the world, especially for Indian citizens, wherever a group of adoptive families would like to come together, share their experiences and learn from one another, each Group being autonomous and following the local laws of the land
  • to generate and provide funds to share the expenses of few specific activities of such Adoption Support Groups by involving national or international experts
  • to update and keep all these Adoption Support Groups abreast on the latest information on child-adoption including national and international books, research findings etc
  • to provide expertise and empower adoptive parents and aspiring adoptive parents on adoptive parenthood by conducting formal training workshops
  • to update and provide latest information on adoption to all adoption-stakeholders including adoptive parents, adopted children, aspiring parents, birth parents, adoption agencies, adoption advocates and others
  • to arrange for professional counseling assistance on adoption to men, women and children, including those suffering from mental trauma related to adoption


Early Activities

1994: The Adoption Support Group was formed by Vidya Shankar

1995: The APA Adoptive Parents Association was started by the then VCA Voluntary Coordinating Agency Chennai

1996: Vidya Shankar, Saraswati Srinath and Sheela Kamath met and conceived the Bangalore Unit, at the parents meet called for by Vatsalya Trust

1997: Formal Registration of Chennai Unit (of SVP) as an independent entity

1998: Formal Registration of Bangalore Unit (of SVP) as an independent entity

2001: Formal Registration of Pune Unit (of SVP) as an independent entity

2002: Formal Registration of Mysore Unit (of SVP) as an independent entity

2003: Formal Registration of Mangalore Unit (of SVP) as an independent entity

2005: Established Coimbatore Unit (of SVP) as an independent entity

Every Year: SuDatta-Bangalore has been conducting Annual Sharing Session, Annual Picnic, Annual November Workshop and Annual New Year Party

Every Year: SuDatta-Chennai and other SuDatta Units have been conducting Sharing Sessions